We Define Ourselves By How We Behave On Social Media

It's So Much More Than Just Social Media

  • It’s audience building, interaction, retention
  • It’s about meaningful moments
  • It’s identifying our "online P1's" connected to how we make them feel
  • It’s building greater credibility with the audience & advertisers
  • It’s an incremental revenue stream
  • It’s cultivating sustainable relevancy in a distracted culture
  • It’s a space so powerful and so sorely overlooked…


Everyone is distracted.

They’re walking around with the Internet in their pants, looking for something to feel a part of; to talk about. 

Which means every second counts; every person counts.

This is *why* time & energy spent on social media matters in order to create real impact for our stations, our advertising partners and the bottom line.

– Lori Lewis

How Brands Hire Lori For Help With Social Media


Since 2008 – the inception of businesses using social media - Lori has led hundreds of successful brand transformations in the social space.

  • Webinars: Customized to answer your specific needs.

  • Meetings: Remotely or in person, invite Lori to collaborate with your team when you want to set or refine strategy, monetize social media, identify opportunities & more.

  • 24/7 Access: Having Lori on retainer is an option in order stay ahead of changes, get fresh ideas to optimize sales campaigns, company events, and stay focused.

  • Corporate Events - Guest Speaker: One thing for sure – teams enjoy Lori’s presentations. They are fun and personalized with actionable takeaways. 

Finally, an affordable way to make real impact with social media, driving audience and revenue growth! 

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Lori has been sharing her thought leadership on the social space for 9 years  (& counting!) with her "Merge" column at AllAcess.com/Merge